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Saints and Feasts:

Andrew, Archbishop of Crete Author of the Great Canon

Martha, mother of St. Symeon Stylites the Younger

Michael Choniates, Metropolitan of Athens

Venerable Andrei Rublev the Iconographer

Asclepia the Wonderworker

Hieromartyr Theophilus


Martyr Theodotus and Theodotia at Caesarea, in Cappadocia


Jonah the Athonite


Hieromartyr Donatus, Bishop of Libya

Hieromartyr Theodore, Bishop of Cyrene in Libya

Cyprilla, Aroa and Lucia, martyred with Hieromartyr Theodore in Libya

Aurelian, Archbishop of Lyons

Bertha, Abbess and Founder of the convent of Blangy in Artois, France

Finbar, Abbot of Innis-Doimhle in Wexford, Ireland

Hatto, monk of the monastery of Ottobeuren in Germany

Jucundian, martyr in North Africa

Laurianus, Archbishop of Seville in Spain, martyred in Bourges, France

Namphamon called ‘the Archmartyr’ and his Companions martyred at Madaura in Numidia, North Africa

Ulric (Uldaricus), Bishop of Augsburg and monk at the monastery of St Gall in Switzerland

Venerable Tikhon, Basil and Nikon the Monk of Solovki

Hieromartyr Platon the Newmartyr of Banjaluka

New Hieromartyr George of Serbia (+1941)

St Sava, Bishop of Gornjikarlovci

Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia: Tsar Nicholas II, Tsaritsa Alexandra, Crown Prince Alexei, and Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, and those martyred with them (+1918)

New Hieromartyr Hieromonk Nilus of Poltava (+1918)

Andrew the Russian of Cairo

Hieromartyrs Innocent and Sabbatius and 30 others with them in Sirmium of Pannonia

Icon of the Mother of God of Galatea

Finding of the relics of the Venerable Maximus the Greek

Uncovering of the relics of the Venerable Euthymius the Archimandrite of Suzdal

Burial of Prince Andrei I Bogolyubsky

Repose of our Venerable Mother Abbess Eugenia Kleidara, Founder of the Holy Monastery of Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene in Thermi, Lesbos (+2013)

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