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Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea

Martyr Theodotus

Martyr Basil of Ancyra

Gregory of Nazianzus the Elder, Bishop and father of Saint Gregory the Theologian

Emilia, (mother of Sts. Macrina, Basil the Great, Naucratius, Peter of Sebaste, and Gregory of Nyssa)

Theodosius, Abbot of Tryglia

Hieromartyr Concordius of Spoleto

Thirty soldier-martyrs in Rome

Telemachus (Almachius), Hermit of Rome

Basil, Bishop of Aix en Provence

Eugendus, fourth Abbot of Condat Abbey in the Jura Mountains

Fanchea of Killeany (Fanchea of Rossory), sister of St Enda of Aran

Fulgentius of Ruspe, Bishop of Ruspe in North Africa

Justin, Bishop of Chieti, Italy

Felix of Bourges, Bishop of Bourges

Connat (Comnatan), Abbess of Kildare Abbey in Ireland

Maelrhys of Bardsey Island in Wales

Clarus, Abbot of St. Marcellus Monastery in Vienne, Gaul

Cúan (Mochua, Moncan), Abbot in Ireland

Peter, Abbot of Atroa

William of Dijon (William of Volpiano), Italian monastic reformer and architect

Peter Mogila, Metropolitan of Kyiv, Halych and all Rus’, Archimandrite of the Kyivan Caves Lavra

New Martyr Peter of Tripolis in the Peloponnesus, at Temisi in Asia Minor

Athanasius (Volkhovsky), Bishop of Mohyliv, Wonderworker of Poltava

New Hieromartyr Jeremiah Leonov (+1918)

Platon (Kulbush), Bishop of Tallinn (Reval), Estonia, and Protopresbyters Michael (Blaive) and Nicholas (Bezhanitsky) (+1919)

Alexander (Trapitsyn), Archbishop of Samara and with him, John (Smirnov), Alexander (Ivanov), Alexander (Organov), John (Suldin), Trophimus (Miachin), Viacheslav Infantov, Basil Vitevsky, and Jacob Alferov (+1938)