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Saints and Feasts:

Great-martyr Chryse (Zlata) of Moglena, Bulgaria

Jacob of Hamatoura

Carpus, Papylus, Agathodorus and Agathonica, the Martyrs of Pergamus

Benjamin the Deacon

Florentios the Martyr of Thessaloniki

Nicetas the Confessor and Patrician of Paphlagonia

Luke of Demena, Sicily

Venerable Benjamin of the Kiev Caves

Anthony, metropolitan of Chkondidi, Georgia, and his disciple, Hieromonk James

Jacob the Elder, and disciple of St Anthony of Chqondidi

Anthony, Metropolitan of Chqondidi

Dioscorus, Antigonus and Diocletianus


Berthoald, Bishop of Cambrai Arras in France

Colman of Stockerau

Comgan, Monk of Scotland

Faustus, Januarius and Martial, Martyrs in Cordoba in Spain, called ‘The Three Crowns of Cordoba’

Fyncana and Fyndoca, Two martyrs in Scotland

Gerald, Count of Aurillac in France

Regimbald, Abbot of Lorsch, Founder of Heiligenberg and Bishop of Speyer

Romulus, Bishop of Genoa in Italy

Simbert, Abbot of Murbach near Colmar in Alsace in France and Bishop of Augsburg in Germany

Venantius, Abbot of St Martin in Tours in France

Returning of the relics Venerable and God-bearing Father Sabbas the Sanctified to the monastery of Massaba in Jordan in 1965

Translation to Moscow of the Iveron Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Of the Seven Lakes”

Repose of Monk Athanasius of Valaam

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