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Saints and Feasts:

Hilarion the Great

New Martyr John of Monemvasia, Peloponnesus, at Larissa

Our Righteous Father Christodoulus, the Wonderworker of Patmos

Hieromartyr Socrates and Martyr Theodote, of Ancyra

Righteous Philotheus of Athos

Gaius, Dasius and Zoticus

Andrew, Stephen, Paul and Peter

Zachary the Monk-martyr

Eucrates the Monk-martyr

Baruch the monk

Azes the Martyr

Platinus, Irene and Marina of Raithou

James the monk

Barnabus and Hilarion the Wonderworkers

Asterius, Martyr at the Tiber at Ostia

Cilinia of Laon in France, mother of St Principius, Bishop of Soissons and St Remigius, Bishop of Rheims

Condedus, Hermit at Fontaine-de-Saint-Valéry in the north of France

Finian (Fintan Munnu), Founder of Taghmon in Co. Wexford in Ireland

Hugh, Abbot of Ambronay near Belley in France

Maurontus, Abbot and Bishop of St Victor at Marseilles

Tuda, Bishop of Lindisfarne in England

Ursula and Companions, virgin-martyrs in Cologne in Germany

Viator, Hermit of Lyons in France

Wendolinus, shepherd famous for his holiness at St Wendel on the Nahe in the west of Germany


Hilarion of the Lavra Caves

Hilarion of Russia

Sophronius the Confessor of Ciorara in Romania

Oprea of Salistie in Romania

Theophilus and James, abbots of Omutch (Pskov)

Vissarion (Bessarion) Sarai, Confessorof Ciorara

Hiero-confessors John of Galeёs (Ioan din Galeş) and Moses (M˘acinic) of Sibiel (Transylvania)

New Hieromartyrs Paulinus (Kroshechkin), Archbishop of Mogilev, Damian (Voskresensky), Archbishop of Kursk, Arcadius (Pavlovich), Bishop of Ekaterinburg, priests Anatole and Nicander and Martyr Cyprian (+1937)

New Hieromartyrs Constantine, Sergius, Basil, Theodore, Vladimir, Nicolos, John, Basil, Alexander, Demetrius and Alexis, Sergius and John and Martyr Sophronius (+1937)

New Woman-Hieromartyr Pelagia (+1944)

Translation of the relics of Christodulus the Wonderworker of Patmos

Translation of the relics of Hilarion, bishop of Meglin, Bulgaria

Repose of Schema-archimandrite Herman (Bogdanov) (+1938) and his fellow ascetic Archimandrite Sergius (Ozerov), of New Valaam in Siberia

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