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Saints and Feasts:

Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark, first Bishop of Alexandria

New Martyrs Emmanuel, Theodore, Gregory, Michael and Gregory at Macre of Alexandropoulos

Anianas, Bishop of Alexandria

Martyr Nike with St. George

Hieromartyr Stephen II, Patriarch of Antioch

Macedonius II, Patriarch of Constantinople

The Venebrable Eight Anchorites who were martyred by the sword

Martyrs Evodius, Hermogenes and Callista, in Syracuse in Sicily

Phaebadius (Fiari), Bishop of Agen in the south of France

Maughold (Macaille), Bishop of Croghan in Offaly in Ireland

Erminus, Abbot of Lobbes Abbey in Belgium and Bishop and Confessor

Mella, the mother of two saints, Cannech and Tigernach, Abbess of Doire-Melle (Rossclogher Abbey), in County Leitrim

Heribaldus, Abbot and Bishop of St Germanus in Auxerre in France

Robert, Abbot of Syracuse in Sicily

Sylvester of Obnorsk, Abbot of Obnora Monastery

Venerable Basil, Elder of Poiana Mărului, Romania

Hieromartyr Sergius Rokhletsov, Protopresbyter of Vologda (+1938)

Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of the all-praised Apostle Peter, located near the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople

Icon of the Mother of God of Constantinople

Repose of Monk Bassian the Blind, of the Kiev Caves

Repose of Elder Philotheus Zervakos of Paros (+1980)

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