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Saints and Feasts:

Martyr Hyacinth the Chamberlain of Caesarea

Anatolius, Patriarch of Constantinople

Martyrs Theodotos, Theodota, Diomedes, Eulampius, Asclepiodotus and Golinduch, who suffered with Saint Hyacinth

Venerable Nicodemus of Kozhe Lake

Martyrs Mocius and Mark

Ioachim, the New and God-Bearer

Theodota the Martyr

Alexander, founder of the Monastery of the Unsleeping Ones on the Euphrates river

Isaiah the Solitary of Seeds and Palestine

Basil, the Bishop of Ryazan and Mourom

Monkmartyr Gerasimus the New of Carpenision

Right-believing Princes and brothers, Basil and Constantine of Yaroslavl

Venerable John and Longinus, Wonderworkers of Yarensk

Blessed John of Moscow the Fool-For-Christ

Blessed Michael, Herodion, Basil and Thomas, Fools-for-Christ of Solvychegodsk

Bladus, an early Bishop of the Isle of Man

Byblig (Peblig, Publicius) honoured in Wales

Cillene, Abbot of the Monastery at Iona, Scotland

Dathus, Bishop of Ravenna, Italy

Germanus, Bishop of Isle of Man, nephew of Saint Patrick of Ireland

Gunthiern, hermit at Brittany

Guthagon, hermit at Belgium

Heliodorus, Bishop of Altinum, near Venice

Irenaeus and Mustiola, martyrs in Chiusi, Tuscany

Leo II, Pope of Rome

Venerable Anatolius of the Kiev Near Caves

Venerable Anatolius the Recluse of the Kiev Far Caves

George the God-Bearer of the Black Mountain

Claudianus, patriarch of Alexandria

Anatolius, Bishop of Laodicea, and his successor, Eusebius

Symeon, the third stylite of Cilicia

Basil, Archbishop of Novgorod

Translation of the Holy Relics of Hieromartyr Philip the Wonderworker, Metropolitan of Moscow and of all Russia

Finding of the Tomb and the Relics of New Hieromartyr Raphael at Mytilene

Icon of the Mother of God the “Milk-Giver” of the Hilandar Monastery, Mt. Athos

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