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Saints and Feasts:

Martyrs Alexander and Antonina at Constantinople

Hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Proussa the Wonderworker

Bishop Bassian of Lodi in Lombardy

Our Holy Father Gregory, Bishop of Assos

Venerable Theophanes the Monk and Pansemne, the former harlot of Antioch

Venerable Silvanus the Schemamonk, of the Kiev Far Caves

Martyr Neanicus the Wise of Alexandria

Canides the monk, of Cappadocia

Bishop Apollo

Alexius, Bishop of Bithynia

Venerable-Martyr Sabbas of Stagira

John Maximovitch the Metropolitan of Tobolsk and All Siberia

17 Martyrs including Aresius and Rogatius, in North Africa

Bardo, Archbishop of Mainz

23 Martyrs including Basilides, Tripos and Mandal, in Rome

Censurius, Bishop of Auxerre in France

Martyrs Crispulus and Restitutus

Evermund (Ebremund), Abbot of Fontenay-Louvet Monastery near Séez

Martyrs Getulius, Caerealis, Amantius and Primitivus in Tivoli, Italy

Illadan (Iolladhan), Bishop of Rathlihen in Offaly, Ireland

Ithamar, first English Bishop, Bishop of Rochester in England

Landericus, monk at Novalese in Savoy, Italy

Landericus, Bishop of Paris in France

Martyr Maurinus, Abbot of St Pantaleon in Cologne in Germany

Martyr Maximus, Bishop of Naples in Italy

Oliva, virgin martyr who was venerated in Palermo, Sicily and in Carthage, North Africa

Synaxis of All Saints of Siberia: Innocent, Bishop of Irkutsk, Macarius Glukharev of Altai, Macarius Nevsky, Metropolitan of Moscow, Apostle to Altai (+1926)

Synaxis of All Saints of Ryzan

New Hieromartyr Nicolos, Basil and Martyr Paul (+1918)

New Hieromartyr Timothy (+1940)

New Hieromartyr Theognost of Alexandr-Nevsky hermitage

Asterius, Bishop of Petra

Finding of the relics of Saint Basil, Bishop of Ryazan

Repose of Elder Nahum of Solovki

Repose of Schemamonk Sergius of Valaam

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