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Saints and Feasts:

Our Righteous Father Panagis (Paisios) Basias

The Holy Martyr Theodotus of Ancyra

Tarasios and John the Martyrs

Sebastiane the Wonderworker

Zenais the Martyr and Wonderworker of Caesarea in Palestine

Martyrs Cyriaca, Kaleria, and Mary of Caesarea in Palaestina and others

Hieromartyr Marcellus, Pope of Rome and with him martyrs Sisinicus, Cyriacus, Largus, women-martyrs Priscilla and Lucina, deacons Smaragdus, Apronian, Saturninus, Pappias, Maurus, and Crescentian and Princess Artemia

Daniel of Scete in Egypt

Hieromartyr Marcellinus, Pope of Rome

Virgin-martyr Potamiaena of Alexandria

Holy martyrs Aesia and Susanna, disciples of Saint Pancratius of Taormina and martyred with him

Martyr Lycarion of Hermopolis in Egypt

Anthimus the Hieromonk

Stephen the Presbyter

Anastasius the Gordius

Basileides the Solider Martyr and John the Hieromartyr

Anthony of the Valaam Monastery

Aventinus, Hermit in the valley of Larboush

Colman, Bishop of Dromore in Co. Down

Deochar (Theutger or Gottlieb), Hermit in Franconia in Germany and Abbot of Herriedon

Meriadec, Hermit and Bishop of Vannes in Brittany

Odo, Abbot of Massay in France

Paul, Archbishop of Constantinople

Peter, Wallabonsus, Sabinian, Wistremundus, Habentius and Jeremiah, publicly denouncing Mohammed they were martyred under Abderrahman in Cordoba

Vulphy (Wulflagius), Hermit near Abbeville in the north of France

Synaxis of All Saints of Ivanovo

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