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Saints and Feasts:

Righteous Pelagia the Penitent of the Mount of Olives

Pelagia the Virgin-martyr of Antioch

Taisia the Harlot of Egypt

Amor of Aquitaine, Hermit in Maastricht and Founder of Münsterbilsen near Liège in Belgium

Badilo, Abbot of Leuze in Hainault in Belgium

Virgin-martyr Benedicta of Laon in France.

Evodius, Bishop of Rouen in France

Gratus, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Saône in France

Keyna (Ceinwen), Anchoress in Cornwall

Martyrs Palatias and Laurentia in Fermo near Ancona in Italy

Peter of Seville, Spain

Virgin Triduna of Scotland

Ywi, Deacon of Lindisfarne in England

Anthony, Archbishop of Novgorod

Dositheus of Verkneostrov in Pskov

Tryphon of Vyatka

Philotheus the Patriarch of Constantinople

New Monk-martyr Ignatius of Bulgaria and Mt. Athos

New Hieromartyrs Jonah (Lazarev), bishop of Velizhsk, and companions (+ 1937)

Demetrius (Dobroserdov), archbishop of Mozhaisk, and John the deacon, Monk-martyrs Andrew and Pachomius, Nun-martyr Tatiana, and Martyrs Nicholas, Maria and Nadezhda (+1937)

New Hieromartyr Basil (+1937)

New Hieromartyrs Iona, Bishop of Velizhsk, Peter, Basil and Paul (+1937)

Tryphon, Abbot, of Vyatka

Dositheus, Abbot of Verkneostrov (Pskov)

Synaxis of the Saints of Vyatka

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