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Saints and Feasts:

Righteous Parasceve (Petka) of Epibatos, Thrace, whose relics are in Iași, Romania

Cosmas the Hagiopolite

Praised Ignatius, Archbishop of Methymna

Pachomius of Chios

Nazarius, Gervasius, Protasius and Celsus of Milan

Justinian the Emperor and his wife Theodora

Panteleimon the New Martyr of Asia Minor

Peter Apselamus of Eleutheropolis in Palestine

Hieromartyr Silvanus of Gaza and with him 40 martyrs

Angadresima, Abbess of Oröer-des-Vierges near Beauvais

Bernard, Hermit in Arpino in Italy

Burchard, Bishop of Würzburg and Founder of St Andrew’s

Callistus, a Greek slave in Rome and Deacon

Donatian, Bishop of Rheims in France

Fortunatus, Bishop of Todi in Italy

Gaudentius, Bishop of Rimini in Italy

Justus, Bishop of Lyons in France and Hermit of Egypt

Manakus, Abbot of Holyhead in Wales

Manehildis, the youngest of seven sisters, all of whom are honoured as saints in Champagne

Menehould and her five sisters of France

Rusticus, Bishop of Trier in Germany

Nikola Sviatosha, prince of Chernigov and Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves

Cosmas, abbot of Yakhromsk

Euthymius the New of Thessalonica the Confessor

Icon of the Mother of God of Yakhrom

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