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Saints and Feasts:

Samson the Hospitable

Joanna the Myrrhbearer

Anektos the Martyr of Caesarea

Luke the Hermit

Severus of Interocrea in Italy

Blessed Martin of Turov

Russian New Martyr Gregory Nikolsky (+1918)

Martyrs Mark and Marcia

Hieromartyr Pierius of Antioch

Hieromartyr Cyril Loukaris, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople

Pierius, Hieromartyr of Antioch

Clement, martyr in Cordoba in Spain

Deodatus, Deacon of St Paulinus of Nola in Italy and later his successor

John, Hermit in Chinon in the west of France

Youth Zoilus and Companions in Cordoba in Spain

Venerable Martin of Turov

Venerable Serapion of Kozhe Lake

Venerable George of Mt. Athos, the Georgian

Hieromartyr Kirion II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia (+1918)

Menas, Bishop of Polotsk

Dionysius bishop Polotsk

Cyril Bishop of Turiv

Lavrenti Bishop of Turiv

Symeon, Bishop of Polotsk

Blessed Great Prince Rostislav (Michael) of Kiev

Venerable Martyrs Athanasius, Higumen of Brest

Makarius Kabevsky Higumen of Pinsk

Elise Lavrishevsk

Venerable Ephrosine of Polotsk

Child Martyr Gabriel Belostotsky

Righteous Juliana, Princess of Olshansky

Sophia, Princess of Slutsk

Uncovering of the holy relics of Optina Elders in 1998: Ambrose, Leonid, Macarius, Anatole I, Anatole II, Barsanuphius, Hilarion

Narration of Synesius, Bishop of Cyrene about Euvagrius the Philosopher and 300 litres of gold

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