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Saints and Feasts:

Synaxis of the Holy Theotokos

Afterfeast of the Nativity

Commemoration of the Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt

Euthemios the Confessor, Bishop of Sardis

Constantius the Holy Martyr

Barlaam the Righteous of Valaam

Evarestus of the Studion Monastery

Nicodemus of Tishmana, Macedonia

Archelaus, Bishop of Harran in Northern Mesopotamia

Zeno (Zenon), Bishop of Majuma (the port of Gaza)

Euthymius of Sardis, the Confessor and Bishop of Sardis

Venerable Constantine, Monk of Synnada, the former Jew

Dionysius, Pope of Rome

Marinus the Martyr

Zosimus, the Greek Pope of Rome

Tathai (Tathan, Tathaeus, Athaeus), Abbot of Llantathan

Jarlath, Bishop of Tuam and Founder of Cluain Fois, near Tuam (Ireland)

Theodore the Sacrist

Amaethlu (Maethlu) of Llanfaethlu in Anglesey, Wales

Nicodemus of Tismana, Romania

New Hieromartyrs Alexander and Demetrius (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs Nicholas, Michael, and Nicholas and Michael (+1930)

Leonidas (Antoshchenko), Bishop of Mariisk (+1937)

New Hieromartyr Basil (Mazurenko) (+1937)

Hieromartyr Alexander (+1937)

New Nun-Martyr Augusta (Zashchuk) (+1937)

Virgin-martyrs Anthisa and Makaria (+1937)

Andrew, Bishop of Ufa (+1937)

New Martyr, Valentina, (+1937)

Isaac II (Bobrikov), Archimandrite of Optina Monastery (+1938)

New Hieromartyr Gregory (+1938)

Virgin-martyrs Augusta and Mary (+1938)

Martyr Agrippina (+1938)

Repose of Archimandrite Irenarchus (Rosetti) of Mt. Tabor

Icon of the “Mother of God of “Vilna” (“Vilen-Ostrabramsk”, “Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn”)

Icon of the Mother of God “the Three Joys”

Icon of the Mother of God “Merciful” (Eleousa)

Icon of the Mother of God “the Blessed Womb” or “Barlovsk”

Icon of the Mother of God “Baibuzsk” (Baibuskaya)

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