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Saints and Feasts:

Synaxis of the Twelve Holy Apostles: Peter, Andrew, James and John the sons of Zebedee, Phillip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Jude the brother of James, Simon and Matthias

New Martyr Michael Paknanas the Garderner of Athens

Sophronius, Bishop of Irkutsk

Prince Andrei I Bogolyubsky

Martyr Meleton

Martyr Peter of Synope

Apostle Phygellus of the 70

1040 Martyrs

Stephen of Tomsk

Gelasius of Rimef, Transylvania

Martyr Basilides the Soldier at Alexandria

Commemoration of the violent slaughter by the Kurds in Diarbekir of Asia Minor

Bertrand, Bishop of Le Mans

Clotsindis, Abbess of Marchiennes in the north of France

Virgin Martyr Emiliana of Rome

Ermentrude, Abbess of Nonnberg in Salzburg

Eurgain, Foundress of Cor-Eurgain in Wales, later called Llantwit

First Martyrs of Rome in the year 64, falsely charged by Nero with burning down the city – all were disciples of the Apostles and the first fruits of the martyrs whom the Church of Rome sent to the Lord

Hieromartyr Gaius and Subdeacon Leo, Martyrs in North Africa and Rome

Martyr Lucina of Rome

Marcian, Bishop of Pampeluna in Spain

Martial, Bishop of Limoges, with Alpinian and Austriclinian

Ostianus of Viviers in France

Gelasius of Rimet

Holy Queen Dinar of Khereti, Georgia

New Hieromartyr Milan Popovic of Rmanj, Serbia (+1940)

Icon of the Mother of God of Balikin and Gorbanevsk

Repose of Bishop Nestor of San Francisco and Alaska

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