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Saints and Feasts:

The Holy Prophet Elisseus (Elisha)

Methodius the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople

Cyril, Bishop of Gortyna

Metropolitan John of Euchaita

Venerable Niphon of Mount Athos

Mstislav-George, Prince of Novgorod

Venerable Elisha, of Sumsk, Solovki, the monk

Methodius the Abbot of Peshnosha

Julitta of Tabenna in Egypt

Joseph the Bishop of Thessalonica

Martyrs Anastasius the deacon, Felix the monk and Digna the nun of Tábanos monastery

Cearan the devout, Abbot of Bellach-Duin, in Ireland

Dogmael, the monk

Etherius, Bishop of Vienne in France

Gerold, Bishop of Evreux in France

Hartwig, Archbishop of Salzburg, Austria

Lotharius, Bishop of Séez

Martyr Marcian the Bishop of Syracuse

Mark, Bishop of Lucera

Nennus (Nehemias), Abbot of the monasteries of the Isles of Arran and Bute in Ireland

Psalmodius (Saumay) the hermit near Limoges, France

Quintian, Bishop in France

Richard of St Vannes, France, the monk

Valerius and Rufinus, Martyrs in Soissons, France

Synaxis of the Saints of Belarus

New Hieromartyr Joseph priest (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs Nicolos and Alexander the priests and Nicolos the deacon (+1938)

Sabbas the Fool-for-Christ of Vatopedi, Mt. Athos

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