saint-dymphna-icon-937The Holy Great Virgin Martyr Dymphna of Gheel was from Ireland whose mother was a Christian but died young and whose father was a pagan. In an attempt to find a second wife as beautiful and charming as his first, he could not find any but his own daughter, Dymphna. Falling into lustful desire for her, she fled the country and went to Belgium with the priest Gerebran. Saint Dymphna’s father eventually found them, slaughtering both the holy priest and his own daughter who was only 15 years of age. Saint Dymphna is considered the patron saint of the mentally ill or abused and often performs miracles for those who pray to her with faith.

Troparion – Tone IV
Maddened by lust, the ungodly king raged mindlessly when his abominable desires were steadfastly refused; and, rebuked, he hewed down Gerebran the pious priest, and likewise slew the holy Dymphna his daughter, who willingly died to preserve her virginity. Wherefore, those who are deranged and deluded in mind find in her a steadfast advocate and a wellspring of wondrous healing