screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-5-11-56-pmHoly King Wenceslas (Vyacheslav) of Bohemia

September 28

The Holy King Wenceslas (Vyacheslav) of Bohemia was the grandson of Saint Ludmilla of Bohemia and was raised by her in deep piety of the Christian faith. At the young age of 18, he ascended the throne and ruled with justice and wisdom. He loved peace, and built many churches in honour of the Theotokos and the Saints, in particular Saint Vitus. Envious nobles, however, plotted to murder the Saint. They incited both his mother and brother against him, who murdered him violently at the doors of a church he himself had built. Having discarded the body without burial, they attempted to clean the blood from the church, however the blood stains on the church doors would not clean. After three days, the blood disappeared by itself, thus proving a miracle in the eyes of the saint’s mother and brother. They both repented of their evil deed and transferred his holy relics to the church of Saint Vitus, whom he deeply venerated. The famous Christmas Carol “Good King Wenceslas” is in honour of this Saint and his good deeds.

Troparion Tone 4
Today angels and men share a common joy. * Heaven and earth join together in splendid chorus * for thy memorial. O holy Prince Wenceslaus. And we sinners earnestly cry aloud unto thee: * Pray thou to the Master in our behalf, * that from dangers and from invisible foes, * He may deliver us who honor thine all-honored memory.

Kontakion Tone 1
Standing with the choirs of the angels, * O blessed Prince Wenceslaus, * thou delightest in ineffable goodness; * and drawing thence the goodly gifts of miracles, * thou pourest forth the boon of cures * upon all who with faith flee to thy holiness.