screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-6-10-44-pmHoly Martyrs Zenais and Philonilla the Unmercenaries of Tarsus in Cilicia

October 11

The Holy Unmercenary Healers Zinaïs and Philonilla were sisters and blood relatives of the Apostle Paul. In their native city of Tarsus, they studied all available learning, especially in the field of medicine. They soon began to heal people with their prayers without any form of payment. Because of this, the citizens of the surrounding areas began to flock to the holy women. Not only were they healing the people’s bodies, but also their souls by preaching and converting them to Christ. One night, a group of impious men were sent out of jealousy to stone the holy women to death. Thus, the Venerable Zinaïs and Philonilla gave up their souls to the Lord.

Ἦχος γ’.
Τήν πολυθαύμαστον Ταρσόν τιμήσωμεν τήν ἐξανθήσασαν ἄνθη τά τίμια, τήν Ζηναΐδα τήν σοφήν καί Φιλονίλλαν. ἅμα δέ ἔχουσαι τῆς πίστεως τήν κρηπῖδα ἀσάλευτον, πᾶσαν τήν μυρίδα τῶν δαιμόνων κατήσχυναν. Διό καί σύν Ἀγγέλοις χορεύουσαι, ὑπέρ ἡμῶν ἀεί πρεσβεύουσιν.