screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-6-11-29-pmNewly Revealed Hieromartyr Jacob of Hamatoura

October 13

The Newly Revealed Hieromartyr Jacob of Hamatoura went forgotten for many years in Lebanon, but after many miraculous occurrences and apparitions to many pious Christians, the martyrdom of Saint Jacob of Hamatoura was revealed. After the Hamatoura monastery was destroyed in the 13th century, Saint James reestablished it, rebuilding and regenerating not only the monastery, but also monasticism in the area. Enraged by his religious enthusiasm and zeal, a group of Muslims took the Saint and other monks and laymen captive and tortured them for over a year. The holy Martyrs did not sway in their faith. After prolonged torture, they eventually beheaded the Holy Jacob on this day, burning his body so that he may not receive a proper burial. Because of the severe Islamic influence in Lebanon over the next few centuries, the memory of this Saint was forgotten until his relics were found in recent times, and the first celebration of his memory was held on October 13, 2002. The Holy Hieromartyr is known for his miraculous deeds and is considered a wonder worker of the Church.

Third Tone
As a cedar of Lebanon groweth without fear of martyrdom and death, thou didst become a victor, O Father Jacob. Thou didst conquer death in thy body when by humility thou didst control the passions, and when thou wast burnt like incense as a sacrifice. Intercede with Christ to grant us great mercy.