edmund3King Edmund the Martyr of East Anglia

November 20

The Holy and Right-believing King Edmund the Martyr of East Anglia ascended the throne in 854 AD at only fourteen years of age. He reigned as a model king, ruling with justice and unbending to flatters. He also had a deep piety, learning the entire Psalter by heart. Although some accounts vary, tradition states that King Edmund, in a Christ-like manner, decided not to wage war against the heathen Danes, but rather allowed his own capture. He was beaten, tied to a tree, and shot him with many arrows in an attempt to make the righteous king renounce Christ. He was finally beheaded in 869 AD at only 28 years of age. His relics were buried at modern day Bury St Edmunds, and his popularity and nobility grew exponentially across England. In recent years, moves were made to reinstate Saint Edmund as patron saint of England, who was replaced by Saint George, and in 2006 Saint Edmund was proclaimed patron saint of the County of Suffolk.

Tone IV
In his sufferings the martyr King Edmund, exchanged an earthly crown for a heavenly one. And the making glad in thy strength, O Christ our God, he overcame his tormentors and laid low the vanities of the demons. Now let all the peoples of this land make glad with him, that through his prayers our souls may be saved.

Tone II
As a field tilled by the Holy Spirit, thou hast been shown forth a most prescious husbandman of grace, gathering in sheaves of virtue, for sowing in tears thou dost reap in gladness, and having fought the good fight unto the shedding of thy blood, thou hast received Christ, wherefore do thou intercede for the salvation of our souls.