screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-11-10-17-amMartyr Apollonia, the Virgin and Deaconess

February 9 (West) and October 30 (East)

The Holy Virgin Martyr Apollonia the Deaconess was an aged virgin who dedicated her life to Christ, serving as a deaconess during the reign of Decius. The holy Apollonia was captured by pagans and was struck repeatedly in the mouth until all her teeth fell out and her jaw was crushed. The torturers then lit a fire for the holy one to be burnt at the stake, but she asked for some time to pray. They granted her this request, and she leaped into the fire willingly, giving up her soul to Christ as a martyr. Saint Apollonia is considered the patron saint of dentists and orthodontists, often being called upon for any form of malady of the teeth.

Ήχος πλ. α’ Τον συνάναρχον Λόγον.
Των οδόντων εκρίζωσιν καθυπέμεινας και συντριβήν των σων γνάθων, Απολλωνία σεμνή, εκλεκτή παρθενομάρτυς και παρέδωκας σώμα το θείον σου πυρί, ίνα δρόσου θεϊκής παστάδος επαπολαύσης και χάριν λάβης οδόντων διώκειν άλγη τα κατώδυνα.