imageedit_20_5212057273Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Syria

October 7

The Holy Great Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus were appointed to high military positions in the Roman Emperor Maximian’s army in Syria. Envious people reported the saints to Maximian as Christians, which was considered a crime at the time. The emperor ordered them to sacrifice to the idols, which they adamantly refused to do. He stripped them off their military insignia, dressed them in feminine clothes, and paraded them in chains in the streets as a form of mockery. The emperor again asked them to forsake their faith, which they once again refused. He then sent them to the Emperor Antiochus, a fierce persecutor of Christians, however he received his position from the help of these saints. He implored them to deny their faith, but the saints remained steadfast. The Emperor Antiochus beat the holy Bacchus to death and sent off the venerable Sergius, after having been tortured, to another city to be beheaded.

Ἦχος α’. Τοῦ λίθου σφραγισθέντος.
Τριάδος τῆς Ἁγίας ὀπλίται τροπαιοῦχοι, ἡ λαμπρὰ δυὰς τῶν Μαρτύρων, ὠράθητε ἐν ἄθλοις, Σέργιος ὁ θεῖος ἀριστεύς, καὶ Βάκχος ὁ γενναῖος ἀθλητής, διὰ τοῦτο δοξασθέντες περιφανῶς, προΐστασθε τῶν βοώντων Δόξα τῷ ἐνισχύσαντι ὑμᾶς, δόξα τῷ στεφανώσαντι, δόξα τῷ ἐνεργούντι δι’ ὑμῶν, πάσιν ἰάματα.

Ἦχος β’. Τὰ ἄνω ζητῶν.
Τὸν νοῦν πρὸς ἐχθροὺς ἀνδρείως παρατάξαντες, τὴν πᾶσαν αὐτῶv ἀπάτην κατελύσατε, καὶ τὴν νίκην ἄνωθεv, εἰληφότες Μάρτυρες πανεύφημοι, ὁμοφρόνως ἐκράζετε. Καλὸν καὶ τερπνὸν τὸ συνεῖναι Χριστῷ.