10_nov_orestisMartyr Orestes the Physician of Cappadocia

November 10

Saint Orestes was brought to trial to the Roman Officer Maximinus for practicing Christianity. The saint bravely confessed his faith openly, and the officer tried seducing the holy one with riches and glory in return for his renouncement of his faith. Saint Orestes adamantly refused, and for this, he was dragged to the pagan temple and demanded to worship the idols. Having refused, forty soldiers took turns in beating the holy one with whips and lashes and then poked him with flaming rods. The saint remained unyielding and prayed. Immediately, the earth quaked and the stone idols fell down and smashed. All ran out of the temple and as soon as Saint Orestes stepped foot outside, the whole temple crumbled down. For seven days, the saint was locked in prison without food or drink and was subject to much horrendous torture. They hammered twenty nails into the martyr’s legs and tied him to the back of a wild horse. Being dragged over the stones, the holy one gave up his soul to the Lord. When the Bishop Demetrius of Rostov was compiling the saint’s life in 1685, he saw a vision in his sleep where the Martyr Orestes appeared to him, explaining that he suffered many more tortures than he had previously described, and so the Bishop went back and revised his version of the saint’s life.

Ἦχος α’. Τοῦ λίθου σφραγισθέντος.
Χριστὸν ὁμολογήσας ἐπὶ τῶν ἀσεβούντων, εἰδωλομανίας τὸ θράσος καθεῖλες Ἀθλοφόρε, καὶ δόξης ἐγένου κοινωνός, ἀγῶνας πολυτρόπους ἐνεγκῶν διὰ τοῦτο σὲ Ὀρέστα ὡς νικητήν, τιμῶντες σοὶ ἐκβοῶμεν δόξα τῷ παρασχόντι σοι ἰσχύν, δόξα τῷ σὲ στεφανώσαντι, δόξα τῷ ἐνεργούντι διὰ σοῦ, πάσιν ἰάματα.