The dominant dream of young people is to be free. There is no nation on earth, the history of which does not include a fight for freedom, and this fight almost always is spearheaded by its younger generation. At the personal level, young people want to be free of any constraint, as they feel that this path will advance themselves, and achieve great things in this world.

What would be your response, if someone tells you, to really be free you have to submit yourself to some form of discipline, you have to sacrifice part of your freedom! The famous French philosopher, Alexis Carrel, says such sacrifice is necessary if you really want to create a successful life. If you disagree, look at the behaviour of nature.

The vine tree has to be pruned, so as to bring forth grapes. The pruning reduces its mass, its beautiful bloom, but without it, the vine cannot produce its fruit. An atheist was complaining to St.Augustine that religion restricts the pleasures and enjoyment of life. The saint said: the wings of the swallow add some weight to its body. But look, it does not stay on the ground, but flies and traverses the atmosphere with amazing freedom and speed.  What would you say about the traffic lights and the traffic signs? They are there to protect us from the danger of collisions, falling into a cliff or killing others. They at times block the street, so we can remain safe and free! The restrictions of the faith do exactly what the traffic lights do — they keep us safe and free. They are the strong wings of the swallow which lift us up from the suffocating atmosphere of sin, into the heavens of freedom. Because truly free, is the one who has the will to live according to the commands of the Spirit. The Christian is the only free person among the slaves of sin and depravity.


Source: February- March 2014 Lychnos Edition