The Orthodox Christian Society meets on most Saturday nights during the year.

In the young adults’ groups, we have the opportunity to undertake Bible study, consider the life of a Saint, the writings of the Fathers, or issues that relate to our Spiritual life in today’s world.

Many of those in attendance are involved in the work of Sunday Schools, and we find that meeting on Saturday nights helps both preparing for Sunday School the next day, but more importantly for participation in the Divine Liturgy.

The meetings provide a forum to study the Bible, the lives of Saints and spiritual matters based on the teachings of the Fathers of the Church.

Our meetings are open to all and provide for those who have a thirst for spiritual knowledge and friendship.

The group for young adults (~18-28) holds talks primarily in English. Camps are held twice a year – one in late January/early February together with all the members in the Orthodox Christian Society, and another just for the group of young adults sometime during mid-year.

When do we meet?

Young women: Saturday afternoons, 4pm – 5pm (in the bookstore)
Young men: Saturday nights, 8pm – 9pm (in the upper room)


217 Bexley Rd, Bexley NSW 2207 (Corner of Bexley Rd and Homer St)

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2012 Kyklo Camp 02