Komboskini (Prayer Rope)

Komboskini (Prayer Rope)   The Komboskini (κομποσκοίνι) or Orthodox prayer rope is used by Christians to assist their daily prayer rule. Traditionally it is made of black wool, knotted in the form of a loop, with coloured beads at intervals and a cross and tassel at its base. The black colour is the colour of mourning or repenting for our sins and the wool symbolizes the flock of Christ, the Good Shepherd. The tassel at the end is used to wipe the tears of the repentant in prayer. Prayer ropes come in different sizes most commonly with either 33 knots [...]

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Making the sign of the Cross

Making the sign of the Cross   In Holy Orthodoxy, everything we do reflects the Apostolic and living theology of the Church. This is most evident in the way we make the sign of the cross, being the symbol of Christ’s victory over death. Using only the right hand, we join our thumb and first two fingers and lay the last two fingers flat against our palm. The three fingers together signify the Holy Trinity, i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the two fingers in the palm represent the dual natures of Christ, i.e. divine and human. We touch [...]

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Mnimosina (Memorial Services)

Mnimosina (Memorial Services)   The Mnimosino (calling to memory) is a prayer service conducted, often at the end of the Divine Liturgy, for our departed loved ones. The service is composed of psalms, litanies, hymns and prayers. These services can also be conducted at a grave site or at other times in church. He In the Mnimosino we ask God to show mercy and forgive the sins of the departed, whether committed in word, deed or thought, whether done in knowledge or in ignorance. To grant rest to their souls and life everlasting, as only He who overcame death can [...]

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Palm Sunday Crosses (Βάγια)

Palm Sunday Crosses (Βάγια)   When our Lord entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, sitting on the colt of a donkey, he was greeted with crowds waving palm leaves. They welcomed Him as the Messiah who would liberate Israel from the tyranny of the Romans. He had resurrected Lazarus from the tomb after four days, He had performed countless miracles, His fame had spread and the people came out to greet Him. “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!” Hence the use of the palm branch which was considered a symbol of triumph and victory! Jesus [...]

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Adorning the Epitaphio

Adorning the Epitaphio Holy Week is an intense week of services, day and night. We live the Passion of our Lord and Saviour, His trials, mockings, the Cross, His death, burial and Resurrection. On Good Friday, we commemorate the death and burial of Christ. There are three services: firstly, the Royal Hours which are read on Friday morning, consisting mainly of readings from the Psalms and prophecies. Immediately after this, it is the tradition for women and girls to prepare the funeral bier, known as the Kouvouklion. They adorn this wooden structure with beautiful flowers as it will hold the [...]

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