What Is the Greek Orthodox Christian Society?

1. To cultivate an earnest Orthodox Christian life among its members, so that they can become useful in the service of God.
2. To support and further the work and mission of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia.
3. To train Christian workers, as permitted by the Church, for the spreading of the Christian Gospel among the Greek Orthodox faithful – by means of Sunday Schools, Youth groups, Bible study groups, Sermons, Lectures, print and broadcast.
4. To establish and maintain an Orthodox Bookstore, for the dissemination of Christian books and periodicals, and
5. To make known and promote knowledge of the Greek Orthodox Church among the wider Australian Community.

The work of the Society includes:
Study groups for Men / Graduates / Tertiary Students.
Study groups for Ladies of various ages.
Conduct of Sunday Schools in all the Parishes in Sydney.
Youth Groups for older children.
Camps for children of school age – under supervision of its members.
Radio Programs on Sundays
2MM.AM 1665 – 10.45am
Symban, 2ERA. FM 151.675 (scanner) – 11.00am.
Galaxias FM 151.850 (scanner) – 5:30 pm*
Radio Programs on Thursdays
– Radio Club AM 1683 – 3:30 pm* Newsletter for young people “Lychnos”
Christian Bookstore – Corner Bexley Road and Homer Street, Bexley North.
Selling Christian books after Divine Liturgy at the Churches.
Talks and Lectures – in Greek and English.
Above all – the cultivation of a Christian Life among its members.

The Greek Orthodox Christian Society was formed in 1955, with the blessings and encouragement of the the late Metropolitan, Theophylactos.
The work of the Society is mostly missionary, among the Greek Orthodox community and with the blessings and support of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.