Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas

Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas On March 5th, 2016 the holy relics of Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and the South (Orthodox Church of America) were uncovered. Falling asleep in the Lord in the Summer of 2011, Archbishop Dmitri was buried unembalmed according to Orthodox tradition. Five years later, his body was disinterred in order to be transferred to a new tomb in St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas, where he served as Archbishop. To the cemetery personnel’s surprise, the Archbishop’s body was found completely incorrupt and exhumed a sweet smelling fragrance. They said that his body had not decayed even one [...]

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The Miraculous Holy Cloud

The Miraculous Holy Cloud The following is an account from a young man who went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem this year. Every year, on the Old Calendar Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (August 19), a light-bearing cloud descends upon Mount Tabor in a miraculous fashion, which I was blessed to see for myself in August this year. Mount Tabor is situated on a 500m hill in the region of Galilee. According to sacred tradition, it was upon this hill that Jesus Christ took his three beloved disciples up, 40 days prior to his Crucifixion, and transfigured before [...]

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“You know where to go!” A miracle of Saint Xenia of St Petersburg in Oakland, California

“You know where to go!” A miracle of Saint Xenia of St Petersburg in Oakland, California The sermons of Fr Weldon, an evangelical pastor, attracted many types of people, including a youth who arrived at church riding a Harley Davidson, who was however sincerely interested in his faith. Having started to transform his life, the young man struggled daily, conquering all passions but one – “biking”. Hearing that he must surrender this, he left the community despondent and intended never to return. Being involved in a terrible motorcycle accident that cost him his legs, the man landed back into the [...]

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Miracles of our Times: This is a true story as told by a pious Christian…

This is a true story as told by a pious Christian… "While I was still a very young child, my father died.  My mother quickly remarried and she and my stepfather put me into an orphanage.  Later on, when I was older, they brought me out of the orphanage to live with them.  My stepfather sent me out to sell lottery tickets to make money.  At the end of each day he would take the money that I had earned, then he would abuse me and beat me badly.  At one stage I felt much despair and said to myself [...]

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Elder Iakovos and the Night of Pascha

Elder Iakovos and the Night of Pascha When Elder Iakovos of Evia (1920-1991) was serving in the army before he became a monk, he was granted permission to take all of Holy Week and Pascha off. But during the week, he noticed one of his fellow soldiers was very depressed. And he asked him, “Why are you so sad, Mr George?” “Papa-Iakove, you with your religiosity, managed to convince the commander to give you the entire week off. You will be fine with your chanting, your monk practices, but how about me?  I also want to go to my village [...]

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