On Saturday 12th December 2016, all members of the Greek Orthodox Christian Society, Orthodox Christian Ladies Fellowship, the Youth Fellowships (Ομάδες), along with their families and friends came together to a final event which was organised as part of the 60th Anniversary program.

This family event focused on the Greek Orthodox Christian Society’s 60 years of Mission Work in the life of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia.

Abbot Eusebius and former Abbot Stephanos of Pantanassa Monastery, together with other clergy and along with other respected members, who no longer have the capacity to be actively involved in the mission work, were present at this memorable occasion.

Following a series of short presentations of the various missionary activities, a slideshow of the 60 year life of the Greek Orthodox Christian Society was viewed.

At the conclusion of these presentations we all enjoyed a meal together to celebrate this historic event.

“Glory be to God”