On Monday 2nd October, during the Labour Day long weekend, children from all the parishes in Sydney came together at Centennial Park for the Annual Sunday School Picnic. The picnic was filled with exciting games and fun races for all ages. His Eminence, Archbishop Stylianos and His Grace, Bishop Iakovos addressed the children and parents, recognising the importance of Sunday School and about, St Styllainos, the protector of children.

The day involved friendly competition between the parishes, with some parishes forming an alliance together. Children who participated in the activities received points for their parish’s team. The various games included round-robin games for Nipia, AFL activities for Katotero and soccer, running games and riddles for Meson. There was also a singing competition where each alliance performed their prepared song of their choice. The day finished with races for boys and girls split into their age groups.

The winner of the Sunday School picnic was awarded to the alliance of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene from Liverpool, and St Euphemia from Bankstown. It was an enjoyable for day for all parents and children, where we experienced the love of God in a Christian setting.