During the Months of January and February, the Boys and Girls Ομάδες (13 to 18 years of age) as well as the Men of the Greek Orthodox Christian Society held their annual retreats at Mangrove Mountain, north of Sydney. The Boys retreat was held at Wesley Vision Valley, Arcadia from the 15th – 20th January, with 55 boys and 15 leaders attending. The program included talks and Bible studies, as well as sport, group and other recreational activities.

The Girls retreat was held from the 15th – 19th January, with 45 girls and 10 leaders in attendance. They commenced with a Παράκλησις (Compline) Service to the Mother of God at Holy Cross Monastery, and their retreat included activities such as time of friendship, spiritual reading, group games, along with much singing and chanting.

The Mens retreat was held from the 2nd – 4th February, with the added blessing of a large group of interstate visitors from Adelaide.

Highlights of all three retreats were the Divine Liturgy Services officiated by Fr Eusebios of Pantanassa Monastery, along with many spiritual opportunities for renewal in a Christian atmosphere based on the theme: “The Church in your house” (Phm 1:2),