In the July school holidays, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Meson Girls Day at Marrickville church. It was a beautiful day full of craft, games and songs. The first part of our schedule was outdoor activities. We walked around the corner to a small park. There we were spilt into groups and played a variety of games, including a mix of soccer and netball and an interesting game involving pegs. The next part of our schedule was lunch. As usual, the cooks catered for all and went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had enough to eat. After lunch we dove head first into craft. We were given the task of making small key chains. Around the room you saw creative ideas, such as waves and leaves, as well as intricate embroidery, where some girls chose to incorporate multi-coloured beads. The air was filled with chatter and laughter as well as songs being sung in a joyful manner. The day unfortunately came to an end, but I know that the friendships that I had made that day will be everlasting.