On Sunday, 26th September at 4 pm, as part of the Greek Orthodox Christian Society’s 2021 seminar series over Zoom, the Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Pantanassa, Geronda Eusebios Pantanassiotis, presented his talk on ‘The Cross-Bearing Christian’.

Geronda Eusebios first spoke about the meanings of the Holy Cross for Christians through the ages, where before Christ’s sacrifice, the cross was a symbol of suffering and humiliation. However, it was Christ’s death and resurrection which transformed this symbol into the emblem of the Church, a symbol of God’s infinite love for humanity, and the path towards salvation. He followed on by saying that it is our duty as Christians to become fortified by the Cross and follow on its path, constantly struggling in repentance in order to renew our spiritual lives. This struggle for Christ involves denying ourselves and our passions to reveal our true selves, as we were received in Baptism. In carrying their crosses, Christians should act without complaint and engage in war with themselves every day, with Christ fighting alongside them. In this way, Christians are able to follow Christ and strive towards Paradise, where freedom from oneself comes through the Cross.

The talk can be viewed below, which also includes songs and chanting from the virtual choirs of the Greek Orthodox Christian Society and Orthodox Ladies Fellowship.


The next seminar will be held on Saturday 9 October at 8pm, with the Very Reverend Father Anastasios Bozikis speaking on “Kollyva and Communion: An 18th Century Crisis on Mt Athos”. The login details can be found below:


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