A Trace in the Sand

The year is AD 274, the grand and mighty Roman Empire rules supreme and paganism reigns throughout the conquered lands. A wealthy son of a Roman Senator ponders upon the meaning of life, whilst his parents are focused solely on wealth and power, and his young slave lives in fear and anxiety. Amongst all this, the bravery and love of a young Christian sparks interest in the minds of these people until his flame of love is passed on and grows in them all.

A Trace in the Sand is an inspiring and engaging tale of the early Martyrs. As each page is turned, the reader is taken into the Roman Empire and enters the lives of Alexamenos, Brutus and Milvius, who are such young Christians. The reader will learn many valuable and beneficial lessons on sacrificial love, courage and faith, and appreciate the Orthodox Faith which has remained steadfast over 2000 years. Most of all, the reader will question themselves with the simple question that captures the essence of this book: “Am I a Christian: yes or no?” This was the daily question of the early Christians and their answer could lead them to the mouths of lions or the whips of ruthless soldiers.

One will learn, from reading A Trace in the Sand, what the early Christians’ secret was to give their definite answer of “Yes”. They loved Christ more than the praise of men, more than wealth and possessions, and even more than their very lives. Though this book is simple and easy to read, it is powerful and is a wonderful spiritual book for teenagers. Reading A Trace in the Sand is a wonderful way to rekindle the fire for Christ within us, the fire of love by which the early Christians were characterised.

Source: Lychnos October-November 2019