JOHN KAPODISTRIAS          Count John Kapodistrias (1776-1831) was born on 11 February 1776 in the Ionian island of Corfu. He belonged to an ancient aristocratic Corfiote family, which had emigrated to Corfu from Istria in 1373. He studied medicine, philosophy and law in Italy. At the age of 24 Kapodistrias became secretary of the Ionian legislative council. He listened to the voice of the Ionian people and the democratic changes he initiated were gladly accepted by them. This would prove a stark contrast to the reception he received for the changes he later made in Greece. At [...]

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1821: The Power of the Spirit 

1821: The Power of the Spirit  The year 2021 is the year of the Greek Nation. It is celebrated both in Greece, and in the heart of every person with a drop of Greek blood in their veins and is dedicated to the revolution of 1821. The revolution succeeded in throwing off the tyrannical occupation of the country by the Ottoman Turks. This freedom has been enjoyed for 200 years. The Greek revolution was unlike any other before it or since. It was started by the people because of the unbearable suppression imposed by the Turks, which included: heavy taxes [...]

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Poems of the Revolution 

Poems of the Revolution  Spirituality and the Freedom in Dionysios Solomos' Poems "The Hymn to Liberty" and "The Free Besieged" Dionysios Solomos, who is widely acknowledged as the national poet of Greece, was born on April 8, 1798 on the island of Zakynthos. From a young age he immersed himself in the life of the Church and yearned for the Independence of his country. The religiosity in Solomos' work is so prevalent and incessant that it can hardly go unnoticed. His poems include many religious ideas, images, expressions, events and persons, both biblical and historical. Two outstanding poems that constitute [...]

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