Stand Well

STAND WELL   One of the many wonderful parts of the Orthodox Church is the celebration of the Holy Saints. On October 26 we commemorate the life of the Great Martyr Saint Demetrios, the Myrrh-gusher. Many of the Saints, such as Saint Demetrios, stood firm in their faith during great tribulations. His life has much to teach us. St Demetrios was born in 270AD in Thessaloniki, which was under Roman jurisdiction, and came from a noble family. His parents were secret Christians, and he was baptised and raised in the Christian faith. When Saint Demetrios’ father passed away, the Emperor [...]

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Ascended into Heaven

Ascended into Heaven After rising from the dead, the Lord spent forty days with His disciples teaching them the deeper meanings of the resurrection, and giving them His final instructions before gloriously ascending into heaven. While ascending from the Mount of Olives, He commissioned the Apostles to make disciples of all the nations and commanded that they baptise them in the name of the Holy Trinity. Soaring into heaven, Jesus presented His glorified human nature to the Father and having fulfilled the divine Will in all things, was enthroned at His right hand. Fulfilling the promise to send the Holy [...]

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Our Anchor of Hope

Our Anchor of Hope Today creation all is exultant and rejoices, for Christ has arisen, and Hades was despoiled … For You really and truly pledged that You will be with us unto the end of the age, O Christ. And we the faithful, clinging to Your promise, our anchor of hope, rejoice. Easter Sunday Matins   The significant historical events in the history of humanity that remain unsurpassed by other events are that God made humanity in His image and likeness, that humanity fell through disobedience to God, that God became human in the Person of Jesus Christ “for [...]

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1821-2021: Church and Freedom

1821-2021: Church and Freedom March 25 is a major day in both our Orthodox faith and in our Greek culture. For the former, we celebrate the Annunciation – that blessed day when the Archangel Gabriel announced to Panagia that she would give birth to the Son of God, the cause of our salvation. For the latter, we celebrate Greek Independence Day - the commemoration of the successful revolution of the Greeks against the oppressive 400-year rule of the Ottomans. This equivalence of dates is no coincidence: the feast day of the Annunciation was chosen as the day to start the [...]

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A New Beginning

A New Beginning This year was definitely one for the history books with so many changes, rules and restrictions that affected all people everywhere. These life changing events included lockdowns, isolation, quarantine, wearing face masks, working from home, worshipping from home, panic buying, religious and national days cancelled and so on. Some time ago, another life changing event happened. However this was not life threatening and to the dread of humanity, but rather it brought life and was in accordance with God’s perfect will and absolute love for us. This event surpassed all historical events before and since, being the [...]

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