St Kallinikos of Edessa

St Kallinikos of Edessa   St Kallinikos of Edessa is a very recent Saint of our Church who was canonised on 23 June 2020. He was born in the village of Sitaralona, Agrinio in 1919 and was named Dimitrios Poulos. After graduating from high school, he entered the Theological School of the University of Athens where he excelled. In 1946, aged 27, he enlisted in the Special Forces of the Greek Army and served with distinction. Returning to the Holy Diocese of Aetolia, he again assumed the duties of Secretary and a layman preacher. He was tonsured as a monk [...]

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St Ieronymos of Simonopetra

St Ieronymos of Simonopetra St Ieronymos of Simonopetra is one of the most recent saints of our Church, having been canonised on 28 November 2019. He was born with the name John in 1871 in Reis-Dere of Asia Minor. His parents, Nicholas and Maria, were very pious Christians, and many members of John’s family became monks and nuns. From a young age, John grew up in poverty and learnt to depend entirely on the Lord. This dependence, along with the joy which he found in it, brought him to the Holy Mountain in 1888. He became a novice at Simonopetra [...]

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Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Elder Ephraim of Arizona Born in Volos, Greece in 1927 on the eve of the nativity of St John the Baptist, Elder Ephraim was given the name Ioannis and raised with a deep love for God. At the age of nineteen with nothing more than his mother’s blessing he left home for the Holy Mountain. Upon his arrival at Mt Athos, St John the Baptist appeared to Elder Joseph the Hesychast informing him that he was entrusting him with a lamb called little Ioannis. He remained in Elder Joseph’s care for twelve years. Ephraim followed a stricter ascetical life than [...]

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St Gabriel Urgebadze

St Gabriel Urgebadze St Gabriel was born in 1929 at Tbilisi, Georgia, which was governed by the Soviet Union. The young Goderdzi Urgebadze was dedicated in prayer from his childhood and pursued an ascetical life beyond his years, piously enduring ongoing attacks from demons. When at the age of 12 his mother requested him to prioritise family over faith, he left home and roamed from monastery to monastery. He eventually returned home and completed his compulsory military service in 1949. Following this, he continued with his ascetical labours and at the age of 26, in 1955, was ordained presbyter and [...]

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Elder Cleopa of Romania (1912-1998)

Elder Cleopa of Romania (1912-1998) Elder Cleopa was born Constantin Ilie in Sulița, Romania in 1912 into a pious family. Uninterested in the things of the world from a young age, he entered the monastery of Sihastria together with two of his brothers at the age of seventeen. He was tonsured with the name of Cleopa in 1937. Against his will, he became abbot of Sihastria in 1942 at the age of thirty. He was not abbot for long when the political situation worsened in Romania with the rise of communism. He was repeatedly arrested by the secret police, and [...]

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