Introduction to the Creed

Introduction to the Creed   The following is an introduction to a multi-edition series which will focus on our Creed. The Creed is one of the most ancient prayers of the Orthodox Church. The word creed comes from the Latin credo which means “I believe.” The early Christians realised the need for a public, authoritative interpretation of the Bible that remained faithful to what Christ taught and what the Apostles intended. It was needed to instruct new converts, nurture the believers and protect the church against false teachings. It was composed, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, by the [...]

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Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century

Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century The last of our series about the spread of Christianity throughout the ages will reflect upon: how Orthodox Christianity came to Australia; and, on certain individuals preaching and spreading the word of God today throughout the world. In the great commission (Matthew 28:19), our Lord Jesus Christ commands the disciples to “make disciples of all nations”, “baptising them”, and “teaching them” the commandments of God. This commandment applies to all Christians, in every nation, in the past, present and future. Orthodoxy’s arrival in Australia The Orthodox Faith spread to our homeland Australia through mass [...]

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In memory of a man of God

In memory of a man of God “But the righteous live forever.’’ (Wisdom of Solomon 5:15) Anyone who personally knew our Brother in Christ, Pheidias Kyriakides has no doubt that he lived and worked righteously to please the Lord and is worthily in His Kingdom. By character, Brother Pheidias was a gentle, peaceful and sincere Christian. His outward appearance was of a man of reverence and dignity. His humility and virtues were evident in his conduct. He did not seek to promote himself nor did he insist on imposing his own opinion. Blessed Pheidias was one of the first founders [...]

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Welcome, Your Eminence

On the 25th March 2019 as is known, the former Archbishop of Australia, Stylianos slept in the Lord. The whole body of the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia mourned the passing of its Shepherd. For a short while, we all felt like we were lost, somewhat like orphans. The question naturally and inevitably came to our lips: Who would come now? Who would take the rudder? Who would guide the Church? Who would sanctify our collective pain? The prayers of all the faithful were united. They became “a sweet-smelling spiritual fragrance.” And the Lord accepted those prayers and responded. Through [...]

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In Memoriam: Archbishop Stylianos

In Memoriam: Archbishop Stylianos On March 25, on the day of the Annunciation, our Father and Primate His Eminence Stylianos, Archbishop of Australia, slept in the Lord. We will not enumerate here on the many and wonderful achievements of his pastoral work in the Antipodes. This is a work for others more competent and capable than us. Nor will we deal with his rich writing and his especially unique poetic work. That is also for the relevant experts. However, in this column of our magazine, “Lychnos”, we have a “sacred debt” to record responsibly the honest and always willing support [...]

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