Hear Me: a Prayerbook for Orthodox Teens

Compiled by Annalisa Boyd, published by Conciliar Press, 2007

“Do not forsake prayer, for just as the body becomes weak when it is deprived of food, so also the soul when it is deprived of prayer draws nigh to weakness and noetic death” (St Gennadius of Constantinople).


“Hear Me” is a prayer book compiled by Annalisa Boyd to help one express their yearning to their creator. This book strives to cover all the prayer needs for an Orthodox teenager. It offers a daily prayer rule achievable by all, with a section compiled for different situations that one may encounter. It also provides a checklist for Confession based upon the Ten Commandments, allowing one to thoroughly reflect when preparing for this essential sacrament. Furthermore, it offers practical advice and encouragement from different acclaimed texts like the Philokalia, the Ladder of Divine Ascent and the Bible, concerning many trials and passions one might be experiencing like gluttony, anger, addiction, taming the tongue, and the passions of the flesh. Coupled with this passage of spiritual rejuvenation is the Saint that is designated to the specific passion, allowing one to read their life, encouraging them to emulate the Saint and providing them with a source of intercession before God. As St Silouan the Athonite said: “The saints hear our prayers and have the power from God to help us.” This simple, practical and easy-to-read book gets better though! The final segment of this book offers answers to challenging, commonly-held questions that pertain to the Faith and one’s responsibility in their relationship with God. This section offers advice to some of the following predicaments: “I keep committing the same sin”, “I think I’m in love”, “My friend is depressed”, “I can’t control my anger”, “I am anxious all the time”, “I can’t forgive” and other plights that one may go through.

“Hear Me” is a spiritual treasure for those struggling to travel upon the narrow road and enter the small gate that leads to life.


Source: Lychnos December 2016 / January 2017