Living the Liturgy
by Stanley S. Harakas
Published by Light & Life, 1974.

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Full of meaning and undoubtedly relevant to today’s Christian community, the book “Living the Liturgy” contains the answers to one of the most common dilemmas faced in the Orthodox Faith. This book aims to help many Orthodox Christians who struggle to find the meaning of going to Church and participating in the Divine Liturgy.

In the introduction we find out about three keys which open the door to understanding the liturgy. In the first chapter, we find out about the first key which is understanding what the Divine Liturgy is. We learn about why Sunday morning worship is sacramental and what it means in our day to day lives as Christians. This knowledge is essential to worshipping Christ in Spirit and Truth.

In the second chapter we learn about the second key, which is the structure of the Divine Liturgy. Today we can find a basic pattern or structure in the Liturgy which can help us adapt to active participation in the Liturgy.

The third chapter speaks about the third key, which is the realistic definition of what it means to participate in the Divine Liturgy. We find out how laity can participate and also about the two types of Priesthood. The first is the normal Priesthood which all Priests have undertaken. The second is the spiritual Priesthood which everyone is called to. When the people lose their spiritual Priesthood, the Liturgy loses its meaning; it becomes like a show or event.

In the last three chapters, the author goes through the whole Liturgy, word for word, describing how to actively participate in each section. This book is a very good text that can assist those who struggle to actively participate and find meaning in the Divine Liturgy.


Source: December-January 2014 Lychnos Edition