Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Diokleia

Metropolitan Kallistos is an English bishop and theologian of the Orthodox Church. He honed his skills as a master orator over 35 years (from 1966 to 2001) as the lecturer of Eastern Orthodox Studies at the University of Oxford. He was tonsured a monk at the monastery of St John the Theologian in Patmos. He has written many books (including the “Orthodox Church” and the “Orthodox Way”), and many articles. He was one of the translators into English of the Philokalia, Lenten Tridion, and Festal Menaion.

His podcasts are engaging, dynamic and beautifully elucidated. Most are between 45-60 minutes long. He skilfully weaves his topic with quotes from the Bible, church fathers, authors such as Dostoyevsky and philosophers. His style is loving and compassionate. He is not dogmatic nor judgmental. He gives advice and gently encourages his listener with “this has helped me… it may also help you.”

Metropolitan Kallistos is well known for his sense of humour, which he skilfully uses to refresh his audience, and refocus our lagging concentration. He gleefully admits “I have always had plenty to say.”

Metropolitan Kallistos’ podcasts cover many topics including the Transfiguration of our Lord, the role of women in the church, personhood – the relationship between God and man, the prodigal son and the Jesus prayer. His talk on the relationship between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Christians is impressive for its boldness and sensitivity. One will delight in his talk on Orthodoxy: ethnicity versus the ecumenical nature of the Orthodox Church.

Listening to his podcasts, one becomes aware and insightful of the great depth of the Orthodox faith, and the great love God has for humanity. His talks are not academic or theoretical. His podcasts are for those striving to come closer to God. They can be found on Ancient Faith radio (search archived podcasts or browse by author) and the Cambridge Orthodox Forum.


Source: Lychnos February – March 2021