Orthodox Journey: The Neomartyrs Podcast Series


The Neomartyrs is a podcast series (July 4th – September 12th) presented by the Greek Orthodox Christian Society through the Orthodox Journey podcasts. The series explores the lives of the Orthodox saints martyred under Ottoman rule.

It develops several themes, all of which are guided by the lives of the neomartyrs.

The foundation was laid in the first episode with the life of Saint Kosmas the Aetolian. It highlights the circumstances that the Orthodox Christians faced under Turkish occupation. From there, the series goes on to explore why the Ottoman Empire and Islam were so hostile to the neomartyrs, and looks at the neomartyrs in Greece and throughout the Ottoman Empire.

Listening to this series enables us to understand the history and the times in which the neomartyrs lived. We are encouraged by the example set by some of the neomartyrs in how they lived their lives. This series, podcast in 2021 on the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, is a timely reminder of the sacrifices made during the Ottoman era.

We will hear that, “It was a period in which to proclaim one’s belief in Christ was to resign oneself to a life of harassment and hardship.”

We can draw the links from the struggles that the neomartyrs faced to what we face in our world today. Although the physical circumstances differ, the spiritual challenges remain timeless. By understanding not just how they remained unyielding before temptations, but also by reflecting upon their virtues and steadfastness, we can gain strength for our own spiritual struggle.

The Neomartyrs can be accessed on YouTube, through a search for the Greek Orthodox Christian Society Sydney, and on all good podcast platforms through Orthodox Journey.


Source: Lychnos August-September 2021