Saint Euphrosynos the Cook

September 11

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-1-56-00-pmToday we also celebrate the Venerable Euphrosynos the Cook. Saint Euphrosynos was a monk whose obedience was in the kitchen of the monastery. He did all he was told with joy and accepted rebuke and accusation without complaint. One day, one of the monks prayed to the Lord to show him what Paradise was like. In a divine vision, this monk saw a beautiful garden with another monk standing amidst the trees. He recognised this monk as Euphrosynos from the kitchen. Asking him what he was doing there, the holy one stated that he too was in prayer, although unworthy of being where he was. Saint Euphrosynos asked the monk what he wished for, and he said he would like some fruit. Handing him a branch with three apples, the vision ended. The monk thought this to be a dream until he noticed the fragrant apples beside him. Running to Saint Euprhosynos, he asked him where he was moments before, to which he replied with “the same place as yourself”. The next day, this monk went to all the other brethren to tell them about this vision and how holy their unassuming cook was. When all the monks, including the abbot, arrived at the kitchen, Euphrosynos was nowhere to be found, fleeing the monastery lest he be praised for his sanctity. The rest of the life of this Saint remains a mystery, but we are certain of his holy departure to Paradise. Saint Euphrosynos is considered the patron saint of cooks and chefs, with countless Orthodox kitchens having his icon as a blessing.

Ἦχος πλ. α’. Τὸν συνάναρχον Λόγον.
Ταπεινώσει καρδίας Πάτερ Εὐφρόσυνε, τῷ μαγειρείῳ προσφέρων διακονίαν τὴν σήν, ἐπληρώθης ἀληθῶς Ἁγίου Πνεύματος· ὅθεν ἐγνώρισεν ἡμῖν, τὴν σὴν δόξαν ὁ Θεός, δι’ ἱερέως ὁσίου· ἧς καὶ ἡμᾶς θεοφόρε, μετόχους δεῖξον ταῖς πρεσβείαις σου.

Ἦχος δ’. Ἐπεφάνης σήμερον.
Εὐφροσύνης μέτοχος τῆς οὐρανίου, γεγονὼς Εὐφρόσυνε, τῇ ἰσαγγέλῳ σου ζωῇ, ὤφθης Ἀγγέλων ἰσότιμος, μεθ’ ὧν δυσώπει, ὑπὲρ τῶν τιμώντων σε.

Ἤσκησας ὡς ἄγγελος ἐπὶ γῆς, τρόποις ἐναρέτοις, ἐκκαθάρας σου τὴν ψυχήν· ὅθεν τῆς ἀγήρω, μετέσχες εὐφροσύνης, ὑπὲρ ἡμῶν πρεσβεύων, Πάτερ Εὐφρόσυνε.

Troparion — Tone 4
You lived in great humility, / In labors of asceticism and in purity of soul, / O righteous Euphrosynos, / By a mystical vision you demonstrated the Heavenly joy which you had found. / Therefore make us worthy to be partakers of your intercessions.

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