Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs

Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs January 30 The Three Holy HierarchsCelebrated on January 30 Saints Basil the Great (c.330-379), Gregory the Theologian (329-c.390) and John Chrysostom (c.349-407) each had devoted followers during the 11th century who sought to declare one Saint superior to the other two. Some spoke of Saint Basil, who explained the mysteries so well, as superior to Saint John Chrysostom, who was inclined to absolve sinners. Supporters of Saint John pointed to his homilies as the most accomplished interpretation of the Divine Word. Others declared Saint Gregory the Theologian as preferred of the three for his purity [...]

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Saint Basil the Great

Saint Basil the Great January 1 Story of the VasilopitaHomily on the Holy Spirit Listen to the Saint's life in English: Related links: Augustine Holmes, A Life Pleasing to God (Orthodox Bookstore) St Basil the Great, On the Human Condition (Orthodox Bookstore) St Basil the Great, On the Holy Spirit (Orthodox Bookstore) Georges Barrois, The Fathers Speak: St Basil the Great, St Gregory of Nazianzus, St Gregory of Nyssa (Orthodox Bookstore)

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St Basil the Great on the Holy Spirit

St Basil the Great on the Holy Spirit At the time St Basil wrote his treatise On the Holy Spirit, controversies abounded concerning the divinity of both Christ and the Holy Spirit. St Basil compared the state of the Church under siege to a naval battle being fought in the midst of a raging tempest, in which the two fleets are so broken up by the dark storm that banners can no longer be seen, signals are no longer recognised, and one cannot distinguish one’s ally from one’s foe. St Basil denounces these errors as the end-product of vanity and [...]

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