Achilles, Bishop of Larissa – Commemorated on May 15

Achilles, Bishop of Larissa Commemorated on May 15  Achilles was born in Cappadocia (in modern day Turkey) of devout and noble parents who afforded him a good education. Through fasting and vigils, he made constant progress, guarding his heart from worldly troubles and cares. He acted in a simple manner and always spoke gently. Still young at the time of his parents’ death, Achilles gave away his fortune and set out on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He sought the company of those closely acquainted with God as he visited monasteries in the desert near Jerusalem. Achilles then went to [...]

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Saint Thedosia of Cappadocia

Saint Thedosia of Cappadocia May 29 Listen to the Saint's life in Greek: Related links: St Theodosia the Venerable Martyr of Constantinople (Mystagogy) St Theodosia Virgin Martyr of Constantinople (GOARCH) Virgin Martyr Theodosia Nun of Constantinople (OCA)

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