THIS IS THE FAITH OF THE ORTHODOX! (Title taken from the Synodikon of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, as recited on the Sunday of Orthodoxy)

Saint Paul described faith as ‘the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen’ (Heb. 11:1). His life, work and martyrdom are a testament to his Orthodox faith. He had the unshakeable conviction that, as a believer in Christ’s Word, he would enjoy future blessings in those things hoped for that did not exist in the present; the freedom from the tyranny of sin, the resurrection of the dead, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the future judgement and the inheritance of eternal life. Whatever he suffered in the present life was of no consequence in comparison to [...]

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What happened to the Departed Souls before Christ?

What happened to the Departed Souls before Christ? According to St Epiphanios, who lived in the fourth century, the souls of the departed who lived before Christ were in waiting in Hades, or the underworld. What were they waiting for? They were neither in heaven or hell, but waiting. St Epiphanios writes that after Christ was crucified and before His Resurrection, He descended into Hades and those who were righteous ran with eagerness to join Him, but others ran and hid from Him, their hearts unable to receive the love He was so freely offering. He brought the righteous souls [...]

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Christ the Conqueror of Hell: The Descent into Hades from an Orthodox Perspective – By Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev

Christ the Conqueror of Hell: The Descent into Hades from an Orthodox Perspective By Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev Published by St Vladimir’s Seminary (SVS) press, New York, 2009 In this scholarly book, Archbishop Hilarion addresses the origins of our understanding of Christ’s descent into Hades following His death on the Cross, compiling the writings of the New Testament, Church Fathers and the various liturgical texts that refer to this topic. “Christ the Conqueror of Hell” answers any questions an Orthodox Christian might have on this subject, drawing from teachings throughout Church history, starting with the Apostles and early Apocryphal literature, through [...]

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Holiness in our Times – Abbot Iscu the Martyr

Abbot Iscu the Martyr The following is an edited excerpt from the book, Tortured for Christ, by Richard Wurmbrand, a Lutheran pastor, about his experience in a Romanian prison: When I was in jail I fell very, very ill… I was near to death. At my right hand was a priest by the name of Iscu. He was abbot of a monastery. This man, perhaps in his forties, had been so tortured he was near to death. But his face was serene... He radiated joy. On my left side was the Communist torturer who had tortured this priest almost to [...]

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