The Meaning of 60 Years of Mission Work

(By Professor Michael Anthony, lay preacher and founding president, Greek Orthodox Christian Society) The year 2015 has seen many Communal events and festivities, showing the work of the Greek Orthodox Christian Society in our city, and to a lesser extent in other parts of the Country. These events were generally impressive, and succeeded in showing to our Community the amount of Christian work taking place in Sydney. However, this was not the purpose of organising so many activities, which to say the least, were time consuming, simply for the reason to show our organising prowess. Our aim was much more [...]

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What does it mean to be a Christian?

Questions and Answers What does it mean to be a Christian? Some people think to be a Christian, it is enough if you do no seriously bad things. Other people think that being a Christian means going to Church once a week. Unfortunately, too many of us are lazy Christians. The real meaning of Christian life is to be one with God. It means to be thinking of Him all the time, to be wondering what more you could do to please Him, to learn more of His secrets, to be at peace knowing that He is finding rest and [...]

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The Information Highway and the Christian (B)

    The Information Highway and the Christian (B) Advances in digital technology produced the science of computing, which resulted in the explosion of information and made it available worldwide. The age of the Information Highway had arrived! In the previous issue of this periodical, the negative aspects of the Information Highway were discussed e.g. stress, anxiety, distortion of truth, mental confusion and brain overload, leading to distortion of spiritual values. In view of these negative effects, we Christians have to defend ourselves against the deleterious effects of the Information Highway. The problem is how we defend ourselves against the [...]

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