Paschal Homily of St John Chrysostom

Paschal Homily of St John Chrysostom In older parish practice, it was customary for this homily to be read out at the end of the Matins Service (Orthros) of Easter Sunday as an introduction to the Paschal Liturgy. The first three lines of the Homily reveals why: “If anyone is devout and a lover of God, let him enjoy this beautiful and radiant festival. If anyone is a wise servant, let him, rejoicing, enter into the joy of his Lord. If anyone has wearied himself in fasting, let him now receive his recompense.” The Paschal Liturgy itself is where we [...]

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Saint John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople November 13 Saint John Chrysostom is one of the Three Hierarchs, born in Antioch and fatherless from a young age. His mother, Saint Anthousa, saw to the raising of her son in a pious manner. Saint John studied under the finest philosophers and rhetoricians, but found no joy in these vain pursuits, and thus turned to the study of the Holy Scriptures. After the death of his mother, Saint John pursued monasticism, which he called the “true philosophy”. Having been elected as a candidate for bishop, the holy one withdrew to the [...]

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Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs

Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs January 30 The Three Holy HierarchsCelebrated on January 30 Saints Basil the Great (c.330-379), Gregory the Theologian (329-c.390) and John Chrysostom (c.349-407) each had devoted followers during the 11th century who sought to declare one Saint superior to the other two. Some spoke of Saint Basil, who explained the mysteries so well, as superior to Saint John Chrysostom, who was inclined to absolve sinners. Supporters of Saint John pointed to his homilies as the most accomplished interpretation of the Divine Word. Others declared Saint Gregory the Theologian as preferred of the three for his purity [...]

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