Saint Photine the Martyr

Saint Photine the Martyr February 26 Listen to the Saint's life in Greek: Related links: Sermon for the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (Mystagogy) Fr. Justin, Successor of St. Philoumenos, Speaks from Jacob's Well (Mystagogy) Excerpts from the Homily on the Samaritan Woman by St. John Chrysostom (Full of Grace and Truth) St John Chrysostom: Homily on the Samaritan woman (original greek text,

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Saint Polycarp the Hieromartyr

Saint Polycarp the Hieromartyr February 23 Born in Ephesus around 70 AD, St Polycarp was raised by a devout Christian noblewoman, Callista, who received Polycarp in her care when his parents were martyred.  Polycarp was, from a young age, generous in spirit and thirsty to serve those around him in Christ’s name. He became the disciple of St John the Theologian alongside Saints Bucolos and Ignatius. Together they preached the Word until Bucolos was appointed bishop of Smyrna, with Polycarp as his assistant and later, his successor. Polycarp performed many miracles during this time: a huge fire was [...]

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Saint Gorgonia

Saint Gorgonia February 23 Listen to the Saint's life in English: Related links: Life of Saint Gorgonia, Sister of Saint Gregory the Theologian (Mystagogy)

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