Saint Gregory Palamas on the Resurrection

Saint Gregory Palamas on the Resurrection Though man’s salvation was possible for God to accomplish by any means, the Son of God became flesh and was crucified for us because by this method, He was best able to communicate His divine message to our fallen nature. His message was and is that eternal life has been restored by the defeat of death. In his sermon delivered on Holy and Great Saturday, St Gregory Palamas traces the history of man's relationship with God in order to establish the significance of the Resurrection as the event that perfected and restored man's communion [...]

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St Gregory the Theologian on the Nativity of our Lord

St Gregory the Theologian on the Nativity of our Lord Like many of the celebrated hymns of the Church, the much-loved Katavasies of Christmas were inspired by the writings of the Fathers of the Church, and in this case, one of the giants of Orthodox Theology in Saint Gregory the Theologian. His 38th Oration on the Nativity of Christ is full of the joy and poetic eloquence we find amongst so much of St Gregory’s work. Christ is born, glorify Him. Christ from heaven, go out to meet Him. Christ on earth; be exalted. Sing unto the Lord all the [...]

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St Gregory Palamas – on the Feast of Epiphany

The feast of Epiphany is celebrated on the 6th of January and in Greek is known as Theophany, or God’s appearance among men. The feast commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan by John the Baptist. At this momentous event, where the Master was baptised by the servant, the Heavens were opened, the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove and the voice of God the Father was heard from Heaven declaring that Jesus was the beloved Son of God. These events demonstrate two important theological truths. The first is that Jesus is the Son of [...]

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Saint Gregory the Wonderworker

Saint Gregory the Wonderworker November 17 Saint Gregory the Wonderworker of Neocaesarea was born into a pagan family in which he was provided a fine education. He sought the Truth through philosophy and intellectual thought, but was not able to find it in any of the ancient authors, but only through the Holy Scriptures, and thus was baptised a Christian. Saint Gregory excelled in virtue, and for this reason, envy was aroused among the unfaithful. Once, during a conversation with philosophers in the city square, an infamous harlot approached him, demanding him to pay for the supposed services [...]

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Saint Gregory V of Constantinople

Saint Gregory V of Constantinople April 10 Listen to the Saint's life in English: Related links: Gregory V of Constantinople (Wikipedia) Gregory V of Constantinople (OrthodoxWiki) The death of Patriarch Gregory V of Constantinople, 1821 (Orthodox History) St. Gregory V the Hieromartyr, Patriarch of Constantinople (Full of Grace and Truth) Hieromartyr Gregory V, Patriarch of Constantinople (Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto) Hieromartyr Gregory V of Constantinople (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia)

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