Christmas December 25 Contemplating the Icon of the Nativity Christmas... Xmas Learn about this feast day (in English): Learn about this feast day (in Greek): Related links: Anthony M Coniaris, Daily Meditations and Prayers for Christmas Advent Fast and Epiphany (Orthodox Bookstore) Katherine Brahos Kermetz, Maria's Christmas to Remember (Orthodox Bookstore) Alvin Alexsi Currier, The Miraculous Child: A Christmas Folktale from Old Russia (Orthodox Bookstore) Julie Stiegemeyer, Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend (Orthodox Bookstore) Dennis Eugene Engleman, A Perfect Christmas (Orthodox Bookstore) Elizabeth Winthrop, The [...]

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St Athanasius on the Manner of Death of our Lord

St Athanasius on the Manner of Death of our Lord "On the Incarnation", St Athanasius' seminal work, explores Christ's humanity and considers many aspects of His mission on earth. Chapter 4 is titled "The Death of Christ", and seeks chiefly to answer questions about the manner of Christ's death and to affirm its theological significance. St Athanasius links Christ's death to the rest of His missionary work, claiming in truth that by His death, "no less than by His other acts, Christ is revealed as God and Son of God". All creation stood still, witnessed and reacted to Christ's death as [...]

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St Athanasios – On the Incarnation

St Athanasios – On the Incarnation The fifth chapter of St Athanasios' On the Incarnation is titled 'The Resurrection'. For St Athanasios, the Resurrection of Christ is the ultimate purpose of Christ's incarnation (God becoming man). Without the Resurrection, Christ's coming would have been meaningless. The plan of salvation could not have been realised if Christ had died without later raising Himself from that death. The Resurrection crucially puts an end to death. And we can all exclaim "O Death, where is your victory? O Grave, where is your sting? (1 Cor 15:55). It is because Christ made death ineffective [...]

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